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As President of Morris Financial Group, I want to thank you for taking time to learn more about our company. For over 43 years, Morris Financial Group has proudly partnered with employers and individuals seeking professional guidance in all areas of Employee Benefits planning.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has created headaches and massive confusion for many employers. Our company has invested in ACA certified staff, implemented strategic training, and upgraded cutting edge technology to handle the law’s intricacies and eliminate concern’s for the business owner.

Morris Financial Group has access to every major insurance company to assure lowest final pricing. In addition, value added compliance support is provided with no fees attached. Currently, our website is being upgraded to accommodate today’s changing times. In the meantime, this web page provides you with necessary contact information for MFG along with other social media avenues that can be visited for expert information.

Our slogan says it all. Strength from the past. Solutions for the future. You need us to be the calm in the employee benefits storm. Contact us today. Morris Financial group is the proven expert in the Health Care Law and Employee Benefit arena.

Sincerly, George Morris III 330-332-1040

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